Connect with Jewish students and young professionals from around the world in an interactive group setting.

Our virtual & in-person group sessions are an ideal place for like-minded students and young professionals to come together, connect and reflect upon powerful ideas and experiences. During these sessions, world-renowned educators facilitate a meaningful conversation, while participants share their own wisdom and insights.

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Hear what people around the world are saying about Olami Together

Guy Rubinstein

Rabbi Jadidi opened my eyes to Judaism by encouraging me to ask the questions all human beings should contemplate—but often don’t. Thereafter, with great devotion and generosity, he has continued to guide me on my journey to grow as a truth-seeking Jew. I consider myself truely blessed to be counted amongst his students.

Guy Rubinstein

Ben Miller-Sobel

A group like Olami Together works so well because the energy of its leadership is passed to the group. Groups always work best when their commonalities, being part of the Jewish Nation, are used to bring out the incredible individual talents and personalities of the participants. The Jewish soul is a special part of Hashem, and being in a group like this allows people to express it through their own way.

Ben Miller-Sobel

Jonathan Shafrir

Olami Together has touched me deeply. Whether the topic of discussion was centered on the spiritual mysticism of Kabbalah, personal growth and development or Jewish history and literacy, Olami Together has expanded my mind and love for learning across all subjects of the Torah.

Jonathan Shafrir

Elijah Lippe

Rav Mitch has been a consistent pillar in my life to depend on and stabilize myself by in securing my Jewish faith and lifestyle. I’ve been learning with him for 4 years now and still find myself learning something new from him with every lesson and interaction. He has been an excellent guide for me in Jewish philosophy and culture during some of the most stressful times of my life (university and israeli army service). It’s been a privilege to have him in my life!

Elijah Lippe